History – Twenty Years of Aircooled Volkswagen Activity in Joensuu

Aircooled VW addicts started to get together in Joensuu in the summer of ’91. Asko Kinnunen had joined to Finnish VW Association (FVWA) in ’90. He saw a list of members in the associations magazine “Volkkari” and thougt that it would be nice to sit down and talk this and that sometime with fellow enthusiasts. So he put an add in local newspaper and made sure that it would be OK with the gas station, to VW freaks to meet there once a month.

The first meet was a success, there were more cars and people than Asko could have ever imagined. The meets consist of talking this and that, checking out cars and drinking coffee. Later the meets was desided to take place every other week, even through the cold nordic winter. Now we hold our meetings at the ABC! gas station in Siihtala, which is situated in beautiful place by the river Pielisjoki. There has usually been same basic group of 4-6 active people at the meetings, but sometimes the number of people has risen over 20. Asko acted as chairman and answered for information till ’96 or ’97 when he gave up the responsibilities to Timo Pietarinen. We have organized two VW oriented days to tell “common people” about our hobby and cars. The first one was held in ’96 and the second ’98.

Today FVWA’s contact person in Joensuu area is Ville Karttunen.

Club – Dedicated to Restore & Preserve

Joensuu VW scene had many newcomers in the beginning of 21st century and in the spring 2001 people decided to establish own club to share information with other enthusiasts.

This club is called Die Wolfgränze Luftwaffe VW klubi Ry – DWL, which means The Wolf Border Airforce. The border near by in east between Finland and Russia is called the Wolf Border. Club is open for anyone who’s interested aircooled Volkswagens. Owning an aircooled VW isn’t reguired to join the club, just interest in aircooled VW’s is enough! Join us and you are able to gather bunch of information and see what’s going on in the VW scene in Joensuu, Finland and whole Europe.

First of all we are not into concours finished show cars but they are in doubt good starting points to build a reliable and detailed Volkswagen. Making irreversible modifications is not our style and most of us has 60’s & 70’s old racing spirit close in our hearts. Every member has her/his vision and point of view of building aircooled vdub. While someone is building a realiable daily driver others are carrying out their dreams of drivable, performing & good-looking VW.

Regular club meetings in Joensuu are scheduled every even thursday, read more here.